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Sex Problem? No Problem!

Acupressure plays a totally useful role to increase vitality and solve men’s sex associated issues besides the venereal sicknesses. The sex related problems of fellows are commonly results from an unbalanced development because of disturbance in intercourse glands. In most of the instances, young sufferers among the age of 18-twenty years or even mature adults do now not talk approximately their sex issues consisting of masturbation, emission of semen in erotic dreams, wet goals, untimely ejaculation or preferred disease, and HIV/AIDS. They try to misinform the practitioners regarding signs like loss of appetite, memory loss, and early tiredness, standard debility, or burning sensation inside the frame.

In such cases root motive are two principal motives – physical and psychological issues. Because of these two major reasons most effective sex existence of fellows will become stupid and unhappy. Men’s intercourse-associated popular problems can be summed up as follows:


The incapability in men to gain an erection good enough for sexual intercourse. This is a everyday trouble of guys, in line with psychologists after 40 years of lifestyles each one individual out of three can be struggling Impotence. There are diverse reasons for this such as mental tension and pressure, tiredness, longtime illness, use of alcohol. Shakespeare’s porter in Macbeth knew approximately the effects of alcohol when he stated “drink affords the desire, but takes away the overall performance.” Impotence regularly results in anxiety to subsequent failure to get an Erection. Premature ejaculation is on occasion preliminary to impotence.

Premature Ejaculation

During the method of sexual intercourse the man gets discharged very quickly is called premature ejaculation problem. It has two classes:

Before beginning the sexual sports the man gets discharged handiest just touching the girl is known as “ejaculation ante portas”.
The moment sexual sports are began and guy receives discharged is known as “ejaculation publish portas”. In this example the man receives dissatisfied and unhappy and the woman additionally looses her hobby in the intercourse. This happens due to fearful machine issues and psychological reasons.
Spermatorrhea Abnormal

Involuntary discharge of semen, without orgasm. In this situation man gets discharged without lady’s contact. This problem mostly happens in the youngsters.


In this case semen is getting out before or after passing the urine or every so often it comes out with urine and makes the sexual weak point inside the frame.

Sterility in Men

Some men entire the sexual sex but do now not have energetic sperms to provide child.

Losses of Sexual Desire

Some guys don’t have any hobby in intercourse due to a few physical and mental disorders. So they chorus from intercourse.

Enlarged Prostate Gland

This trouble is found to some extent in most guys over middle age. In some cases enlargement causes symptoms by way of obstructing the out drift of urine at the bladder neck and by causing frequency of urination.

Diseases of Testis

There are numerous diseases of men’s testis like swelling, pain or deposits of water and many others. This occurs in old age and also by means of horrific ingesting behavior. This may be cured with medical practitioner’s remedy plus acupressure remedy.

Veneral Diseases

The purpose of venereal disease is having unprotected intercourse with prostitutes or the degeneration of prostate gland, because of bacterial infection; it could be either acute or persistent. In case of venereal sickness, the affected person would have ordinary or causal burning sensation even as urinating.


If there’s a tenderness or pain on the reflex points of spleen and intercourse organs it indicates the contamination of HIV, because such infection affects the blood and harm the spleen. In such cases all members of own family are to be investigated via giving pressure on spleen and sex reflex factors positioned at arms and sole.

About Dr. Kamaljit Singh
Dr. Kamaljit Singh M.D.(A.M.),PhD, MWSAM (USA), FRHS (London), is a scientific practitioner of magnetic remedy and acupressure treatment, honoured with National Health Excellence Award through Government of India, and Gold Medal with the aid of Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines in Calcutta, India. He changed into also the former Chief Consultant to the Sultanate of Oman, plus the Physiotherapist for the Punjab Cricket Association of India.