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What is the requirements for the auxiliary electric heater?

What are the requirements for the electric auxiliary heater? First, the surface of the electric auxiliary heater should be cleaned and dried.Normal use ambient temperature is used at a positive loss 40 ° C, and the relative humidity of air is used under the conditions of ≤90%.If the auxiliary electric heater is used in a low temperature environment or winter, it should ensure that the electric heater is dry, personal heater clean, and insulated, then the wiring is tried, and the electrical standard requirements and the electrical assist heaters.It is used normally.The surface is forbidden to cover any objects while we can also bring your hand into the hood of the electric auxiliary heater, touch the electrothermal element, etc., to prevent the iron injury or electric shock.Moreover, water or debris can enter the heater cover.Although the electric auxiliary electric heater has a certain requirement for the use environment, the power supply should be turned off when the electric auxiliary heater stops.As long as we follow the normal use of the process, we can ensure the normal work of the heater and greatly extend the product life.